Mike McSheffrey

Mike McSheffrey

Senior Analyst

Mike McSheffrey has a long history in retail, working from independent sales floors all the way up into corporate environments. This expansive experience within the retail world has informed his view of best practices in retail and fashion.

Mike attended the University of Connecticut as a History major, and the skills he learned there translate well into analytics, such as understanding cause and effect and looking at motivating factors, both of which are key to both the study of history and to retail merchandising.

Along with a keen eye for analysis, Mike also brings a strong understanding of the underlying technology. Utilizing Blacks’ client portal and other leading software, Mike can communicate trends to his clients at a micro and macro level.

As an analyst Mike is a knowledgeable and clear communicator who enjoys taking a holistic view of his client’s business to ensure that all the metrics used to run a successful and profitable business are where they should be.

–Over 15 years of retail work, ranging from sales at an independent retailer all the way to corporate offices at a big-box chain

–Over 20 years of customer/client facing role

— 10 years of analyst and planning experience

–B.A. History – University of Connecticut