Why Working with a Blacks’ Analyst is Different

More than just a merchandising plan …

Strategy – Your Blacks’ analyst prepares you to go to market by analyzing your classifications and developing seasonal and monthly budgets for delivering new merchandise. Next, we determine how much of the seasonal budget should be placed upfront, and how much should be held back for in-season and restock buys. Then, we discuss vendor performance that will overlay the seasonal plans. Each step of the way we are considering your margin and turnover goals.

Source – Since we work with apparel merchants across the country, your analyst is a great source of  information on what’s happening in your sector, offering both a macro view of trends, as well as specific information on how to drive more business into your store.

Sounding Board – Our analysts are experienced experts that come from a retail background, offering many store owners the gut check they need to make smart decisions, backed by data.

What else sets us apart:

— We don’t give clients just one meeting a month. In fact, we often meet with clients mid-month to update their plans according to what’s happening on the ground. And during the start of the pandemic, we met with clients several times a month to help them navigate the quickly changing landscape. The bottom line is that your analyst is there for you when you need them.

— We specialize in serving apparel merchants. Some merchandise planning firms work in many different sectors, but our plans, algorithms, knowledge, and strategies are specifically tailored to the clothing and accessories industry.

— This specialization makes our analysis of your vendor structure even more finely tuned. We recommend that clients adjust their vendor structure by 10% to 20% each season, to keep newness and demand flowing into their stores.

— We also understand industry-standard performance metrics for specialty stores. These include standards for margin, initial markup, balance of sale, and turnover, so you can measure your progress against realistic goals. Beyond performance, our analysts also understand on-the-floor selling techniques and strategies. Buying correctly is the first step, but selling well is essential.