Why Do I Need Professional Inventory Planning?

Retailers sometimes ask us about the value of professional inventory planning. We’re biased, of course, but we consider it essential!

Here’s why:

–Without a merchandising process/plan, you will never actualize the potential of your business.

–Merchandising plans allow you to pivot quickly against upward, and downward trends.

–A professional plan prevents you from losing cash needlessly.

–A merchandise plan uncovers where there is more cash to be made.

–A merchandise plan allows you to forecast 12 months into the future from the top line, down through the entirety of your class structure.

–Without an accurate plan you will never actually know whether you’re hitting the benchmarks of the top performers in your market.

–Without a merchandise plan you will most certainly be over, or under-bought, resulting in lost opportunity.

–A professionally produced plan allows you to focus on the reasons why you came into the business in the first place.

–A merchandise plan is important because it give you peace of mind financially and eliminates the question marks.

–Finally, a well made merchandise plan allows you to know for certain the amount of inventory you need to be carrying at any given time throughout your seasons.

Ready to get started with more certainty? We’re here to help!