Retail Sales Staff Training

Retail Sales Training

Having a sales team that is “trained to sell” is critical for the success of any retail operation.

Blacks’ Sales Training program is an essential service for retailers who want to ensure that their business thrives through market highs and lows.

Merchants sometimes forget that they are primarily a sales operation, and without a team that is trained to sell they are missing opportunities to acquire more customers, better manage their customer relationships, increase overall sales and make more money for their sales team.

That’s why we are offering a comprehensive sales training program based on years of expertise from a nationally recognized retail consultant.

Our approach is strategic and ongoing, so that both managers and sales staff get the support they need to keep improving performance.

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Matt Pruitt is a retail consultant and data analyst at Blacks Retail. His expertise in vendor performance, point-of-sale analytics, and growth strategies has helped clients achieve and exceed their goals. He studied Business Management and Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Contact him at or call (781) 325-6751.