Inventory Planning

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Inventory planning, or OTB planning as it is often called, is at the core of our business because it puts our clients in the best position to succeed.

“After working with Blacks, we were able to increase our sales without increasing our inventory levels. This is something we weren’t able to do on our own.”

     – Menswear Client, Northeast, USA*

A good retailer follows their gut. A great retailer backs up their gut instincts with empirical data and planning.

Blacks inventory planning services give you critical, easy to act-upon information, freeing you up to focus on the other parts of your business.

Expert planning allows you to:

  • Uncover the trends within your business
  • Determine growth areas
  • Discover how to flow merchandise and maximize cash flow
  • Know your open to buy, by class, by store
  • Ensure a disciplined and regular analysis of your business, allowing you to shape future performance

How does Blacks Inventory Planning Service work?

Inventory Planning & TrendingWe begin with new clients by collecting data to create a tailored sales and inventory plan by class, which forecasts performance for the upcoming seasons. Each month a Blacks merchandise expert will analyze your inventory and sales patterns to help you plan new buys, cut costs, forecast margins, calculate markdowns and keep the business in-line with financial goals.

Our experts typically build strong, ongoing relationship with clients, helping them develop and grow their businesses over many years.

What’s more, at Blacks, your merchandise analyst is also your planner, which means that there is one skilled person building your plan, studying your sales patterns and communicating strategy. As a result, you have a dedicated merchandise expert on your team, working with you on a regular basis to improve performance.

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Matt Pruitt is a retail consultant and data analyst at Blacks Retail. His expertise in vendor performance, point-of-sale analytics, and growth strategies has helped clients achieve and exceed their goals. He studied Business Management and Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Contact him at or call (781) 325-6751.