The Secret To A Successful Store Blog

By now, many retailers have realized that social media is not the holy grail of marketing. You still need a quality website with content that is able to attract customers and show off your store’s unique personality. And one of the key elements of a successful retail website is a store blog.

In case you don’t have one already, we want take a little time to go over why a store blog is important and how you can use it to improve your marketing efforts and ultimately increase sales.

The Importance of a Store Blog:



When potential customers do a web search, what words or phrases do they use that could lead them to your website? (“Miami boutique”, “luxury handbags”, or brand names that you carry are all potential candidates, depending on your store and market.) These are known as “keywords” and including them on your website can make or break your search engine rankings.

One of the problems many retailers have is that their websites are image driven, with very little text. Most merchants like the clean look of their sites, but they need somewhere to put keyword-rich text, and guess what — the store blog is the perfect place to do this!

Social Media Content—

Having a store blog also gives you a lot of rich and original content to post on your social media pages, with links leading back to your website. Let’s face it–most of your customers are not going to navigate to your website on a regular basis, but they are likely to “like” your page on Facebook, and get updates in their feed.

Having a blog gives them a reason to visit your website over and over again, either through social media channels, or through organic search.

To show uniqueness—

Customers usually decide where to shop based on price, selection, and proximity. However, your store blog can give them extra reasons to choose your business over competitors by highlighting service, style, and personality. And, it is the perfect place to advertise unique and special products that your competitors may not have.

Because it’s difficult to express store personality through sleek, image-driven webpages, think of the store blog as a place to show potential customers all the reasons why they need to be shopping with you.

As a sales driver—

Keywords and social media content are great reasons to have a store blog, but it can also help you get down to business. For instance, we have one client, a women’s wear store, that has a very successful store blog. Whenever she gets unique and special items in, she puts up a short blog post with pictures. Just recently, she landed three very expensive handbags and they sold out within 24 hours of her blog post going up. Don’t underestimate how powerful this channel can be as a sales driver, if you use it correctly.

In Conclusion

If you don’t have a store blog on your site, what are you waiting for? It shouldn’t cost you a lot of money, but it will cost you time. Dedicate one or two people on your staff to doing regular updates with photos, and track your progress.