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Sales Secrets of Smart Retail Companies

A sales staff usually doesn’t know how much they can realistically sell, and if they don’t sell through it all. In this case, the store...


How Proper Merchandise Flow Affects Your Bottom Line

How Proper Merchandise Flow Affects Your Bottom Line By Allan Marks As we enter Q4, spring buying continues. But remember, how you...


Digging Deeper Into Your Margin Performance

Digging Deeper Into Your Margin Performance by Matt Pruitt As a retailer, you know that keeping track of your margins is a critical way...


Creating Excitement in a Flat Market

It’s pretty obvious now that we are at the end of a very long period of retail growth and we expect sales to be flat for some...


The Big Difference Between Brick and Mortar & Online

It’s interesting to see online success stories, like Warby Parker and Bonobos, opening real world stores, and reversing the traditional...


Planning Stock vs. Fashion

Planning Stock vs. Fashion by Matt Pruitt Not all merchandise planning is the same, because not all merchandise is the same. One of the...


How Sustainable Fashion Spurs High-end Retail

I’ve talked before about the generational change in consumers, from Baby Boomers to millennials, and the challenges some retailers...


Simple Two-Step Plan for Success

Given that we are in a soft retail market right now, some merchants have asked me if they should push back their fall receipts. The...


A Retailer’s 10 Commandments

The staff analysts at Blacks Retail have compiled a list of 10 Commandments that all retailers should follow. Will you do this?